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New vcam Album on n5md released today!

Updraft by vcam is now available for digital download on Bandcamp, Apple Music, etc.!

From n5md (on Instagram):

"t's been more than a year since we've done one of our surprise releases. This year our surprise release is…

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meta_carpl video live now!

New vcam album "cycle" releasing June 5! And the video for meta_carpl is out now!

 Click the image to view it on igloo mag and also see the press release for cycle! I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to Mike…

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New Album Releasing December 4 on n5MD!

Just signed with n5MD and my new album Arconide will be released December 4 in limited quantity on mini-disc and also for digital download! These will be available for preorder on in just a few weeks - November 13…

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New tracks!

I used the COVID shutdown to finally get my gear all set up again (after about 12 years away!) and created a bunch of new tracks! You can catch a preview of the new track "77" here on the website…

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Selected Works Vol. 1-2 Now Available!

Selected Works Vol. 1-2 is now available for purchase from the store! You can get the whole album here before it becomes available on iTunes and other platforms! I created all of these tracks between 2002 and early 2008…

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