about vcam

vcam is the electronic music project of James Long. Now based in Snoqualmie, WA (the setting for the old TV series Twin Peaks) and surrounded by the Cascade mountains and an endless sea of evergreen trees, I create electronic listening music. Inspired by artists like Autechre, Aphex Twin, Lexaunculpt, Funckarma, early Funkstorung, Richard Devine, Arovane, Andre Esterman, Boards of Canada, Plaid, The Black Dog, Novel 23, Bola, and so many others, I create electronica that is at times abstract and experimental, with evolving rhythms, textures, and melodies.

I just completed a whole new album of tracks during the COVID shutdown, so lots of new material will be coming soon! Check back for more samples of new tracks and subscribe to my mailing list to hear about upcoming releases and new uploads. Cheers!